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Hopeless Romantic

Somethings i can just expose writing in english. Im not good enough with this language but its much better talk about what the hell is going on inside of me. 
Like what happens today.
I dont know why I still so full of hope after bein tricked a few times and unfurtunately one time was an guy that I meet at Stickam too. (Well, first of everything, Anthony lied to himself before to lie to me, so Im not hurt about what happens last year. Everything happens for a purpouse (: )
By the way... 
This picture can explain me as hell. 
I spend the last month trying to fix something what i did wrong but the person that i hurt dont want to forgive me, and worst, he just still treating me like an idiot. 
Im full of spend my nights crying until sleep and sending good morning texts to his cellphone. Im full of waiting. That enough for me. 
So today would be a idiot day, cuz I woke up missing talk to him, I sent a imbox asking about when I'm gonna meet him again but he just dont answered me. 
I should to spend my day at Stickam after a year without login there. And the first chat I came to talk I saw... A guy that makes butterflys dancing inside of me. I really dont know why the fuck I've added him and send a message. He asked me skype username and we spend hours talking.
I know I'm such a fool and hopeless romantic but he's so cute and intelligent. 
I know I'm so anxious that I can fuck up all things...
But this future guy makes something weird awakening inside of me.
Let's see what gonna happens after.

Du fick mitt hjärta att slå mycket starkare. :}

xoxo I.

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